Why visit france

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit France!

Reopening after a five-year renovation, it displays regional and international artworks from prehistoric times to the present day. Is Paris really Overrated? Michel, France is full of churches. You can get busy and cultural in cities like Paris, Lille, Lyon, Dijon, Marseille, just to name a few big French cities.

France has a strategic location. If you want history with your beach fun, visit the D-Day beaches of Normandy or the medieval walled town of St. The Ritz was home to Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway for years, and countless celebrities have stayed in its rooms — the grandest of which has been declared a national monument by the French government.

You can reach a nice countryside, take your time, enjoy local specialities, take part in harvest…vineyards are waiting for you …Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone, and other countryside experience in Provence, Alsace….

So totally scared I have arrived to Lyon where I have been nicely surprised. The City of Light It almost goes without saying, but the French capital is a huge draw for foreign visitors — over 30 million of them a year in fact, more than any other city in the world. Only one other nation surpassed 70 million mark - the US, with Malo, once the hideaway of French pirates.

Did you realize that between 15 and 20 million of the visitors who come to France are just passing through on their way to Italy or Spain? Arthistory and culture France is extremely proud of its long and often tumultuous history, from the French revolution to Napoleon and the two world wars, and historical sites are often on the itinerary for visitors.

French Royal Palaces While France is no longer governed by royalty, the palaces of the notorious rulers of the past still exist in all their glory. There are 39 sites on the list and the number is growing.

Why is French food so boringasked Lizzie Porter in an article earlier this year.

33 reasons why you must keep visiting Paris

France has it all: Do your best and accept any instructions for improvement with a smile. But a lot of them are also heading elsewhere. The island monastery attracts three million visitors each year, a number which is sure to rise next year.

It has always been one of the great sights of Paris: Cheer on your team at the Euro championshipscities across France The trophy which will be won by one deserving team.

But what makes France such an attractive destination for holiday makers year after year?

Six reasons why France is top tourist destination

And fans of the book might also be excited by the opening of a Three Musketeers musical in France in September next year. You know what the truth is? The same is with French castles…there is no place in the world which have better and more beautiful chateaux then France!

France has the cheese and wine. And lets not forget about French mountains with unlimited skiing opportunities and stunning views of Mont Blanc!

Even if a stay in one of their luxury suites is beyond your budget, just visiting the buildings gives you a taste of French cultural history.

And the catacombs This underground ossuary contains the remains of some six million people. Be one of the first guests at a newly renovated five star hotel, Paris The Paris Ritz, pictured just before it closed its doors for the renovation project.

Trace your roots back to Louis XIV, stomp grapes in preparation for making wine or sample melt-in-your mouth pastries as you listen to the lilt of French spoken by natives.

Did I mention it has this so famous Eiffel Tower…oh yes!

Top 10 Reasons to Go to France

This makes France the top country in Europe with the densest concentration of historical places with its numerous grand palaces, cathedrals, ruins and ramparts, bridges, medieval fortresses, plus buildings and monuments that are bursting at the seams with thousands-old stories.

One professional says the numbers are misleading and France needs to do to match the success of the United States and Spain. The booze cruise Duty free was abolished back inwhich certainly dented the number of people doing the cross-Channel shuffle to pick up a trolley-full of decent plonk and possibly a few cartons of cigarettes to boot.33 reasons why you must keep visiting Paris • Why France is better than Britain.

French waiters: and the most appealing to visit.". Visit France for its museums, cuisine, night life, palaces and language. Try your luck at a casino on the French Riviera, tour the countryside to same wines and classic French food and view works. France is the number one tourist destination in the world, but should you really go visit it?

Let’s explore some probably reasons why you shouldn’t – and why you should. (Author’s note: this article is written in a tongue-in-cheek manner and may not work well with some readers. Jul 26,  · Although France is known primarily for Gothic cathedrals, you will see churches from a variety of other architectural styles, such as Romano-Byzantine and modernist.

Go back in. Ten reasons you should visit France in it’s never going to be a bad time for wine-lovers to visit France, but why not have your visit coincide with Bordeaux’s annual wine festival in. 17 reasons why France is so popular Save France is the world's most visited country.

Here's 50 reasons to visit France you never thought of. 26 Maypm The best French Riviera resorts.

Why visit france
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