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Then goes the climax and here the author compares pupils with birds and it is underlined by a sustained metaphor and similie like agitated sparrows, pecking at the seeds.

As this text is a letter we can meet here some colloquial expressions hard to say. She tells us about her two most prominent achievements in the class: The message of the text is to demonstrate that there is no system of education at public schools in the USA.

The book deals with the experience of a young high school teacher. The author places herself in the position of Sylvia and tells us about the things that only the main character sees and feels.

Bel Kaufman shows her strong ambition to fight against established habits and find the right way of good teaching.

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Another speaking name is Mr. Bester and the English Syllabus. Over the past twenty years, demand has grown for architects and designers to produce performative environments that engage directly with complex social needs.

Through the usage of colloquial speech on one foot the author shows us the disorderliness of the teachers at this school.

They are Paul Barringer, a writer who teaches English, an Dr. So, the fragment from the novel is represented in the form of letter. When speaking with pupils she uses colloquial words and phrases.

Up the Down Staircase

Secondly, he finds himself nostalgic for home, writing poems about Nigeria. She decides to leave the public school government funded system to work in a smaller private setting.

Sylvia uses a line from a poem and it was so unexpectedly for the children that they got involved into the lesson. And, his parents tell him he must not marry Clara because she is an osu. Having read the short piece of the letter we can find out what type of a teacher Sylvia Barrett is.

Obi is appalled and rejects the offer, only later to be met at home by the little sister herself who offers Obi her body in return for the scholarship favor. Or may be she is the only who is worried about these difficulties. The complication covers the episode when Sylvia Barrett tries to explain to her friend what she is teaching and her methods.

The novel is epistolary ; aside from opening and closing chapters consisting entirely of dialogue the story is told through memos from the office, fragments of notes dropped in the trash can, essays handed in to be graded, lesson plans, suggestions dropped in the class suggestion box, and most often by inter-classroom notes that are a dialogue between Sylvia and an older teacher.

Moreover, she reveals the drawbacks of her pupils and the books which she is imposed to teach. The title of the book is taken from a memo telling her why a student was being punished: In this text the author does not give her own answers on these and other questions giving this opportunity to the readears.

And, thus, he leaves for England, stopping in Lagos on the way out.

The characters express their minds in the form of uttered speech. So, just a short dialogue between Sylvia and McHabe can describe Mr. A teacher should inspire pupils and he will be given his due for it.

Pupils respect him and teachers dislike him.

Analysis of the Story

When he arrives at home he sees that his mother is very ill.1 - Analysis of the Story "Up the Down Staircase" introduction.

The extract called «Up the down staircase» is written by Bel Kaufman, who is an American professor and writer. She is best known for this novel. The semi-autobiographical novel is about an idealistic young teacher. 2. The subject matter of this extract is school.

Stylistic Analysis “Up the Down Staircase”

Jun 14,  · Up The Down Staircase By: This essay is going to talk about the top-down and bottom-up approaches to cognition. It will further explore which approach has been more fruitful in the history of Psychology with reference to Bartlett and the Gestaltists. «Up the Down Staircase» The text under analysis is a fragment from the novel «Up the Down Staircase», written by Bel Kaufman, an outstanding American writer.

She worked as a teacher of the English language and literature in a New York high school for many years. «Up the Down Staircase» The text under analysis is a fragment from the novel «Up the Down Staircase», written by Bel Kaufman, an outstanding American writer. The administration is concerned mainly with forms and rules (there's an up and a down staircase); bells ring at the wrong time.

Nevertheless, she tries. How she handles the chaos and her despair in her first semester makes up the film: a promising student drops out, another sleeps through class, a girl with a crush on a male teacher gets.

Up the Down Staircase is a novel written by Bel Kaufman, published inwhich spent 64 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. In it was released as a film starring Sandy Dennis, Patrick Bedford, and Eileen Heckart. mi-centre.com: Bel Kaufman.

Up the down staircase essay
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