Twitter mania essay

Spend time carefully composing, making sure every character of your tweet is necessary and meaningful. Story continues below advertisement 4. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Its graphic distinctiveness is not a totally new phenomenon.

My Twitter followers resist anything but numbers: To model the activity for them and to give them a sense for the shape of a Twitter Essay, I compose my instructions for the assignment in exactly characters and post them to Twitter. Tweets are snowflake sentences: Story continues below advertisement However, there is also a certain charm, a playfulness, involved.

I fell into Twitter essay form accidentally: Some are bemused by it.

How to write a Twitter essay

Search twitteressay on Twitter to see all of the Twitter Essay tweets. Sorry, but I usually call it quits after 50 tweets. Make something happen with words. We can no longer be the staid grammarians that taught so many of us to write, nor can we simply dismiss or overlook the teaching of grammar entirely.

They crystallize, have some fleeting beauty and disappear. Feel free to address any aspect of monstrosity. Gary Small writes, in iBrain: Here are the instructions: A recording of a live concert is not the same as experience of concert. Granted, this sort of inventiveness is not always rampant in the wild, but the medium certainly offers and encourages this potential.

The instructions above are exactly characters, so this gives you a sense for how much space you have to work with.

Ong noted one of earliest syllabic scripts Linear B for recording Mycenaean Greek was used largely to make lists. Sometimes I miss one.

The Twitter Essay

Composing a text-message or tweet is most certainly a literate and sometimes even literary act. Numbered sentences add up to a list.The Twitter essay, in it’s proper form, is a series of Tweets that are connected to each other so you can see one out in the wild, click on it, and be taken to the full story, like so: a.

Twitter is an odd platform for academics, to be sure. But if soapbox preaching trained its speakers in the techniques that could effectively gather an audience, Twitter can do the same.

For now, it is the best way to speak, and try to find, an interested public. The ephemeral nature of Twitter gives it a natural affinity with the interim and ad hoc nature of the essay form. A Twitter essay isn't.

INSTRUCTIONS: The Twitter Essay. 1. Write what I call a “Twitter Essay.” In the next few weeks, we will return to some of the overarching questions of the course, so let’s use this activity as a way for us to begin formulating the revised thinking we have about monstrosity, the human, horror, etc.

I didn’t create the Twitter essay genre. I just made it popular

The latest Tweets from Essay Mania (@essaymania). We provide best Essay Writing Help Service in UK. United Kingdom. Essay about Twitter: Twitter and similarly Mundane Dodgeball. Twitter is the app that everyone loves to hate. Odds are you've noticed people — probably much younger than you — manically using Twitter, a tool that lets you post brief updates about your everyday thoughts and activities to the Web via browser, cell phone, or IM.

Twitter mania essay
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