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It should be noted that without the surplus of gold and silver recovered from the Americas, Western Europe would not have been able to balance their trade deficit with Asia which would have led to economic collapse before they could emerge as a world leader. Cornell University Press, The first movable-type printing technologies were found in China while the first metal version was created in 15th century Korea.

The Rise of the West

The advantages of steel and horses in addition to supernatural and biological elements rendered the American Indians hopeless in the fight against their European conquistadors. The paternal instinct embedded through centuries of European identity reinforcement is what legitimized the repression, assimilation and exploitation of the American Indians.

It was through this vital linkage along with experience during the Crusades that Hobson claims the Italians were able to diffuse financial concepts such as bill of exchange, credit institutions, insurance and banking. Eppert, Claudia, Wang, Hongyu.

Despite escalating globalization and widely accepted studies outlining East-West intellectual, socio-economic and cultural exchange, Eastern contributions have yet to earn a place in Western contemporary history.

BeforeWestern superiority is similar in scope to the The rise of the west essay previously enjoyed by other regions. Biological and Cultural Consequences of The evolution in the field of science throughout ancient and modern history is astounding.

Popular belief stresses importance on Italian cities in pioneering the financial revolution. Excerpts from the Paper The beginning: The notion that the West is self-built as an edifice of difference to which all others are exhorted to aspire is embodied in this quote from former United States president George Bush: These diffusions profoundly influenced development, specifically in Western Europe, resulting in population growth and increased agricultural, industrial and economic production.

Other significant military diffusions which aided in the imperialistic aspirations of Western Europe include gun powder, the gun and the cannon.

Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience. Total text length is 4, characters approximately 2. The current position of Western hegemony was shaped by transitional, cyclical processes realized through the diffusion and collaboration of several internal and external concepts and factors.

Holland, Tom The Forge of Christendom: To fully understand the rise and fall of nations within the global economy one must consider the world as a single entity. The roots of the technologically driven economic engine were sown during this time.

While gun powder was developed originally by the Chinese to be used in firecrackers, it was the Europeans who implemented it in warfare. The production and manufacture of cast iron and steel tools, along with advancements in the textile industry were emulated several centuries later in Western Europe.

From to this is represented by the challenge of Western Europe to the world in a period of exploitation and colonization and the changing balance of the ecumene in the Islamic world, the Far East, and Africa. Europe and the People without History. At the same time, it was the spread of A deep-rooted issue in world history is attempting to apply uniform, structural theories to dynamic, unpredictable progressions.

In addition to the slave trade developing from Africa, they also received productive labour from American Indians in the extraction of bullion. Islamic principles of trigonometry and geometry qualified the calculation of linear distance traveled, while Islamic astronomy was used to create more accurate navigational charts.

Tools like the heavy mold-board plow, iron cutter, horse collar and horse shoe which they modified to function in the heavy soils of Northern Europe are examples of Eastern technologies which were globally transmitted. These new crops were especially vital given their ability to thrive in different climates and soil conditions.

More Essay Examples on History Rubric The fact that Western Europeans essentially created social science disciplines of history, geography and political science, focused on in First World institutions, is mirrored in the numerous interpretations which place Western Europe at the centre of the development of the modern world.

The 15th century nautical methods employed by Europeans during these voyages of discovery were borrowed from the Arabs. This biological and ecological exchange that took place following Spanish establishment of colonies in New World is a substantial illustration of the globalization process.

Perhaps the biggest difference with modern growth is that it does not necessarily come at the edge of a sword.

World History - Rise of the West Essay

McNeill proposes that the basic engine of world history during this period is the temporary primacy of different regions of the ecumene, with a rough parity reestablished as innovations spread to other centers of civilization.

This essentially symbolized that there was no salvation outside of Christ, meaning no salvation outside of the Roman Empire. It is this self-generated Western European identity that is the central principle in many narratives of world history. Global Economy in the Asian Age.

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It is careless to explain the rise of Western Europe as an immaculate event of perfectly timed historical coincidences.The Rise of the West: Western Europe's Gain of Power Essay examples Words 5 Pages The rise of the West refers to a period of time when Western Europe rose to power due to many environmental, political, and social factors.

Get access to Rise Of The West Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community is a book by University of Chicago historian William H.

McNeill, first published in and enlarged with a retrospective preface in It explored world history in terms of the effect different old world civilizations had on one another, and especially the deep influence of Western.

According to many Western thinkers the “rise of the West” occurring in the last years is attributed to internal, typically environmentally related factors that exclude or dismiss features relating to interaction and exchange among disparate societies at different levels of cultural development - World History - Rise of the West introduction.

Perhaps the biggest difference with modern growth is that it does not necessarily come at the edge of a sword.

Works Cited Davies, Norman Europe: A history. New York: Oxford University Press, Print. Holland, Tom The Forge of Christendom: The End of Days and the Epic Rise of the West. Read this essay on Rise of the West. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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The rise of the west essay
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