Taming of the shrew and much ado about nothing

For example, when Petruchio arrives in Padua and tells his friends that he has come expressly to find a wife and to increase his fortunes by marrying her.

“The Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Ado About Nothing” Essay Sample

A trick, played by their friends eventually brings them together and we begin to see the signs of admittance to themselves, Beatrice says: It was very likely for a well off man like Baptista Minola to have two daughters of marriageable age.

At nightfall, Dogberry and Verges instruct the night watch to watch over the city. The attraction between the two is apparent from the inception of the play when Beatrice asks: Shakespeare has probably allowed us think along these lines as it leaves the play open to interpretation and allows for a much more open and interesting end to the story.

At the time when Shakespeare wrote this play it was assumed that the world was a fallen place. Meanwhile, in the parallel plot, Lucentio, another young man, swaps roles with his servant Tranio, and disguises himself as a tutor to Bianca because he has fallen in love with her.

However, the text does not support further fisticuffs between them. He pretends to be attracted to her personality. In "Taming of the Shrew," Petruchio often criticizes Katherine in front of people and even shows up to their wedding dressed like a clown in order to humiliate her.

Likewise, Petruchio berates his servants for bringing him cold food and rips the dress that the tailor made for Kate 4.

One way of making the speech more acceptable is to see it as ironic, a performance by Katherine in the play in which disguise is an important theme. How to cite this article: In this play Katherine had died and Petruchio had married again.

However he will not allow her to marry just anybody he wants her to feel comfortable within her relationship and maybe even find it in her heart to love.

He deprives her of food and sleep until she does his bidding. Claudio immediately sets in motion his suit to marry her and the Prince agrees to help him to win her hand.

His method of taming the wayward Katherine is to treat her like a wild animal that needs to be tamed and put in its place.

In the famous actor David Garrick adapted the play in a version called Catherine and Petruchio. Much Ado about Nothing explores the breach with romantic convention by intellectual wordplay, whereas The Taming of the Shrew goes a different route—that of physical combat.

Before this can occur, Dogberry brings Borachio who admits of his wrongdoings to slander Hero. Benedick and Beatrice as a couple, go totally against all that we expect of the age in which they live.

A drunken tinker, Christopher Sly, is thrown out of a pub, and picked up by a lord who is out hunting. In addition to this women may have had to have their hair cut off.

The lord takes him to his castle, where Sly wakes up. Woman, with very few exceptions, were regarded as faceless and passive, the subjects of historical developments unleashed by men. Social Roles Both plays deal with the difficulty and stuffiness of the social structure.

If there was more than one daughter in a family it was customary for the eldest to be married first, if this was not the case and the youngest married first this would disgrace the eldest daughter, possibly making her feel unwanted and unattractive to others.

How to Compare Much Ado About Nothing & the Taming of the Shrew

Unrequited love plagues Benedick and Beatrice until their friends push them together, but Petruchio weds Kate for money and for the sport of "taming" her.Stone Soup Shakespeare heads West to explore one of Shakespeare's favorite problem plays The Taming of the Shrew.

This comedy finds the Minola sisters, Katherina and Bianca, linked as the younger cannot marry until the older one has. Strong-willed Kate is a bit too much for most of Padua's suitors who are enamored with Bianca's bewitching beauty.

Comparing Katharina, of The Taming of the Shrew and Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing Words 6 Pages Comparing Shakespeare’s Katharina, of The. Much Ado about Nothing explores the breach with romantic convention by intellectual wordplay, whereas The Taming of the Shrew goes a different route—that of physical combat.

Benedick's courthsip of Beatrice is not a courtship at all. “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Ado About Nothing” Essay Sample.

William Shakespeare was a fantastic playwright whose works still move us even today, centuries later. In conclusion I would say that the plays The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing in general do fit in with perceptions of typical sixteenth century courtship and marriage which I have gathered from my wider research into Shakespeare's life and times.

Women in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew Words 8 Pages During the early modern period, despite Queen Elizabeth’s powerful rule in the mid-sixteenth century, women in England had very few social, economic, and legal rights.

Taming of the shrew and much ado about nothing
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