Sugar the bitter truth after watching

In addition, ethanol is a Carbs and toxin as well. So when we talk about sugar below, we mean any and all sucrose and fructose.

Kids can be cruel. Lustig says, we are not what we eat, we are what we do with what we eat. Skeptics should hold their commentary till they watch the biochemistry slides.

I found my solution, and it works.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

The real benefits of exercise: Believe me when I say that bread will always be a great weakness I adore bread, freshly baked crusty on the outside, doughy on the inside. I ignore their propaganda anyway. I like the fizzy stuff.

Sugar increases insulin in the blood which triggers hunger. These calories from sugars should be eliminated from your diet. Exercise may lead to increased muscle mass which then increases the number of calories you burn at rest! The great scourge to losing weight is sugars, carbs IMHO.

Even though the audience is primarily medical professionals, the science lecture is very entertaining and informative for all interested in weight loss and detoxification.

As a clue, it all revolves around the liver and its function and what happens when you deprive it of carbs. Keep only water and milk in the house. Remember many starches in your diet are quickly converted into glucose and then fat.

I rarely exercise but I know it would be good to do so, but now my way of eating revolves around fresh veges, fruits in abundance, cheese, meat of all kinds, fish, and I only drink water but I do admit I drink Perrier.

Helps that I work my truck fridge to the limit. I sit all day and I can assure you, my metabolic rate is low. Lustig points out that when we consume fructose, we are actually consuming fat. What can I do?

Sugar consumption, biochemically, is the equivalent of fat consumption. This concept of Carbs includes high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, which were all contain high fructose.Sugar: The Bitter Truth This is a very important lecture by Robert Lustig MD of UCSF Medical School which will scientifically debunk a significant majority of the last 30 years of nutritional information related to diets, weight loss, and obesity.

May 07,  · I'll start this by telling the story of one of the hero's of my life: my nephew. My wife and I visited my wife's sister and her family at least once a year.

They had a son and a daughter, both of whom were obese, especially the son. I'll call him Ben. When Ben was 17 I was struck with how he'd grown. Jan 07,  · After watching this, although the science may potentially be flawed (since he is comparing fructose to ethanol, like what the fuck?), which I highly doubt, it's still something that is essential and important, and, differentiating between glucose and fructose is key.

Duration: 89 minutes After watching this lecture check out the UK Food Standards Agency blog. The UK governmental nutrition recommendations are making people fat and ill – until they wise up and change health/nutrition policies then the British will keep getting fatter & fatter.

Bitter Sugar is a film that is mostly in my opinion, anti- Castro. Although the film was made init was representing the period after the Cuban Revolution.

Sugar the Bitter Truth --After Watching Lecture of Dr. Lustig

Sugar, The Bitter Truth. This is about an hour long, but VERY worth watching. Very informative.

Sugar the bitter truth after watching
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