Sample table of contents page for business plan

Your readers could turn to the page that they want to get the section. In case you want to specify more options, for instances how many levels that you want to show, click on the Insert TOC to open the TOC dialog box.

Then while in the style dialog box, click on the level that you want to make changes to and then click Modify.

Contents of a Written Business Plan

You can see what your choice would look like by checking in the Print Review as well as the Web Preview areas. In order for you to use the custom styles in the TOC, just click on Options and undertake the following steps; Under the Available styles section, locate the style that you applied to the headings in your document.

Then click on Update page numbers only or Update entire table. Click on Remove Table of Contents and you will be done. Finally click on OK Select a TOC that fits the document type; For a Print document; in case one is creating a document that will have to be printed for others to read, it is good to create a TOC in which the entry lists both the heading as well as the page number where that heading will appear.

20 Table of Contents Templates and Examples

Then you could repeat the two steps above for each of the heading style that you want to include the TOC. Marking entries by employing built-in heading styles; Select the text that you want to appear in the table of contents Then on the home tab, specifically on the Styles group, click the style of your choice.

In this section, under the Style name you can click on your preferred option. While in the Table of Contents dialog box, make the following alterations; In order for you to change the number of heading levels to be displayed in the TOC, enter the number that you want in the box next to Show Levels, under General.

How to create a TOC from the galley; Mark the entries for the table of contents and then you will be ready to build one by following the steps below; Click at the preferred location for TOC, this is mostly at the beginning of the document. To make changes to the line that appears between the entry texts and the page numbers just click on the option in the Tab leader list.

To alter the overall look of your TOC, click on a different format in the Formats list. You could alternatively assign the TOC levels to the individual text entries.

In the Modify Style dialog box, you can make changes to the font, the size as well as the amount of identification. Readers will then go to the preferred section by simply clicking on the entry in the TOC.

Then under the TOC level, just next to the style name, type a number from one to nine to indicate the level that you want the heading style to represent.

In case you want to only use the custom styles, delete the TOC level numbers for the built-in styles. For an Online Document; for a document that will be read online or in soft copy, one can format the entries to create hyperlinks.Home; About Business Plan Templates; Cart; Checkout; Clothing Store Business Plan – Excerpt; Clothing Store Business Plan – Executive Summary; Clothing Store Business Plan – Table of Contents.

Create a cover page for your business plan With the Following layout and Format. Business Plan. Name of Company. Address of Company. City, State ZIP Code. Telephone Number.

Fax Number. Date of Plan Presentation. Begin your business plan with a cover page and table of contents. As an added Bonus you'll also receive a Free Subscription to Business Success Today; the most popular Business Tips newsletter filled with profitable Tips, Strategies and Solutions to solve YOUR business challenges!

Then click on Update page numbers only or Update entire table. How to delete a Table of Contents; In order for you to come up with a good table of contents you could have a look at one of the sample table of contents provided on this site, you can download it and have a look at the general format.

32 Sales Plan & Sales Strategy. Title Page. Table of Contents. Body paragraphs that highlight very obvious facts (ex. that you’re submitting a business plan for your business, which you can describe in a sentence, and what the prospective reader can look forward to. Wikis > Business Plan Table of Contents.

Marketing Plan – Table of Contents

Business Plan. A business plan is a document that clearly communicates what your company does, identifies your goals, and shows potential investors how you plan on being successful.

Sample 1 Page Business Plan Request. 3d – Sample Executive Summary Request. Email Newsletter. We believe.

Sample table of contents page for business plan
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