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Women may feel powerless in this type of union, while men act like they are in control of everything. There are several instances wherein societies encourage polygamy to increase their population. Eventually, this can lead to abuse. The lack of money can also prevent children from going to school; usually, their parents pull them out of school to help with the family farm or business and help in earning money.

In the story Noumbe went around the town to find her husband and also sent her kids. And despite being considered a federal crime in the United States in and outlawed by the Mormon Church, there is still around 25, Americans who are currently in a relationship with several partners, though these unions are not recognized and supported by the law.

List of Pros of Polygamy 1. Polyamory is a fact. Some parts in western Africa have polygamous unions, too. King Solomon, for example, was said to have wives, while the prophet Muhammad was said to have 11 wives. However, in North Africa it is accepted. They are, without exception, accepting of the right of consenting adults to engage in whatever sexual and romantic relationships they choose, but oppose the formal, legal recognition of those relationships.

Where does the next advance come? There is also group polygamy, in which there are several husbands and wives in the relationship. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, approved polygamy in the s. He will also have more options when it comes to sexual companionship, which makes him the envy of his peers.

This could only lead to trouble. Nowadays, only a few countries have laws against having more than one partner at the same time. Since he has many children to marry off, he can create political ties with many other families and maintain good standing in the community.

This way, the family of the man and the family of his wife remains interconnected. Muslim men can have as many as four wives at the same time as long as he can provide for all of them. This really upset Noumbe.

List of 12 Big Pros and Cons of Polygamy

This, in turn, can contribute to the unhappiness and psychological distress that their wives face. List of Cons of Polygamy 1. Many husbands in polygynous relationships also become physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive because they feel that they have full control over their wives.

Several societies practice levirate marriage, which inadvertently leads to polygamy in many cases. In the Himalayan Mountains, for example, brothers marry the same wife to ensure their family land stays intact. If she would have found him then something more serious could have happened. In any of these three forms polygamy should be against the law in any culture, religion, and country.

However, studies have shown that women in polygynous marriages have higher rates of psychological problems and have more issues in their marriage, family, and life satisfaction, compared to women who are in monogamous relationships.

The Muslim culture does however condone polygamy. This can be a cause for abuse of power. There had to be a lot jealousy in that whole shenanigan. This type of polygamy only allows the female to have multiple spouses and mates.

It provides a better support system.

There are several types of polygamy: Possibly he may have seen first hand what polygamy can do to a person and how it affects them. This, in turn, brings about feelings of jealousy; in polygyny, for example, a wife may feel hurt and neglected when her husband spends time with his other wives, even when he does so only to fulfill his obligations to them.

With King Solomon there are not even enough days in over a year and a half. Once, Ousmane got older, he then attended Moscow Film School. She could have attacked one of his other wives or she could have been killed herself. It helps maintain ties between families.

Kids may find it difficult to grasp why their family is different from other families.9 Pros and Cons of Polygamy Polygamy is the practice of having two or more spouses. There are several types of polygamy: polygyny, where a man is married to several wives, and polyandry, where a woman is married to several husbands.

Home Pros and Pro polygamy essay List of 12 Big Pros and Cons of Polygamy. List of 12 Big Pros and Cons of Polygamy. Pros and Cons; Aug 10, For most of us, we have always been taught from a young age that a normal relationship should be between two people only. Anything beyond that is no longer considered healthy.

This makes a lot of people. The Disadvantages Of Polygamy (Essay Sample) July 13, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 2 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Introduction. Polygamy refers to a situation where a man marries more than one wife or is when a man is living with more than one wife at the same time.

Initially, polygamy was. What are the legal and moral arguments against polygamy? Update Cancel. ad by Clio Legal Practice Management Software. Running your practice doesn't have to be so hard. Make your law firm accessible, collaborative, and profitable with legal practice management software.

Even if polygamy were legal, nobody would want it. Polygamy is to marriage what the free market is to the economy. Which can only mean one thing: If you oppose legalizing polygamy, well, you are a Communist.

9 Pros and Cons of Polygamy

Free Essay: Polygamy is the practice where a man is married to one or more wife at the same time. Currently, Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states but not.

Pro polygamy essay
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