Oliver cromwell villain essay

Church services were made simpler, and music, statues, and stained glass windows were taken away from churches.

Oliver Cromwell - Hero or villain? This army was used to end civil wars and rebellions around the country. This does not indicate greed or him being power hungry but merely trying to make the correct decision to avoid civil wars under difficult conditions, where the king and the royalists was powerful and popular and religion was extremely important to people.

Some of the key actions that Oliver Cromwell took which affected the country were: He opposed King Charles I and his closure of the Parliament.

He also took away Christmas and Easter holidays because they were not mentioned in the Bible. On the other hand, inafter Charles I was executed, England became a Republic. Inthe members of Parliament surprised Cromwell by asking him to become king.

Oliver Cromwell also expelled sixty corrupt members of parliament.

Cromwell decided to arrest them for treason inand were locked in the Tower of London. They thought the levellers were a serious threat to their power. Rumours spread that the levellers, in rage, were planning to seize power. They were equipped with the latest weaponry, armor, and equipment.

He was a ruler who had made many mistakes but also had many successes, but his intentions were always driven by his desire to have the best for his country.

To conclude, I believe that Oliver Cromwell was a man who tried to take the right decisions and actions in very at very challenging situations. This made him unpopular with the people of England.

This was the New Model Army. He was at one time revolutionary, who executed Charles I to defend the parliamentary system, and yet executing the Levellers for giving parliament more power by representing people for equally.

We will write a custom essay sample on Oliver Cromwell — Hero or villain? But a group of people wanted bigger changes, and challenged the control of Parliament. Parliament abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords.

This action was controversial.Based on the available information about his person, his military and political career, and his own integrity, it was quite difficult to established one’s judgment whether.

Oliver Cromwell as a Hero or Villain - The aim of this essay, is to answer the long-awaited question 'Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain. History Essay Oliver Cromwell-Hero or Villain Oliver Cromwell was one of the leaders of the parliaments army in the Civil war.

Some people think that Cromwell is a hero but others think he is a Villain. The aim of this essay is to answer the long-awaited question about one of the most controversial personalities in England’s history.


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Oliver Cromwell – Hero or villain?

Free Essay: Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain? Oliver Cromwell was a Puritan MP from Cambridgeshire when Charles I raised his standards in Nottingham,

Oliver cromwell villain essay
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