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Our most popular spectator sports are now clock-based as football and basketball have replaced the more pastoral baseball as national pastimes. The Eighteenth Century transition from agriculture to industrialization saw wealthy American and European men douse their faces with white makeup in order to emphasize that they did not spend time working in the fields and consequently, were not tanned.

A vestige of this can still be found in the contrasting conversational styles of American Southerners and Northerners. Apparently, playtime is no longer deemed appropriate even for children as in some districts, parents of 7th Graders are fighting to restore recess!

We each voluntarily carry about our own personal GPS in the form of our cell phones and our location can be determined in minutes from virtually anywhere. Consequently, Northerners believe that Southerners are slow and Southerners view Northerners as rude.

When a Southerner goes to a coffee shop take- out counter they often spend several minutes inquiring about the well-being of the server. Topics such as the weather and even family issues may be discussed while awaiting their cup of Joe. Eternity is in love with the productions of time.

Visit blog at cosmicduffer. William Blake Time is largely a culturally defined concept.

Ironically, in our post-industrial culture, where most work is conducted indoors, the sun tan itself has now morphed into a socially desirable status symbol which suggests that one enjoys the luxury of outdoor leisure time.

The wrist watch became the new handcuff.

A task-oriented agricultural people develop unique beliefs, values and behaviors in sharp contrast to those of a clock-oriented industrial culture. And they are both correct. The definition of time is a very powerful means of social control.

For there is a distinct difference in the ways that industrial and agricultural societies view time. This clock-driven view of time has been globalized by the proliferation of multi-national corporations who introduced the drudgery of the sweatshop and punch clock to many previously agricultural societies.In this essay I will not discuss quantum theory at all but instead question the standard assumptions made about duration in classical physics.

I shall develop from scratch a theory of time and clocks, linking it to work that astronomers began in antiquity. The Nature of Time August - December FQXi ESSAY CONTEST.

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About Time – An Essay on the Nature of Time

Mar 27,  · Nature is serene, beautiful, lovely, unique and a gift to every one of us. Experiencing it should be a part of our lives.

The next time you are bored or stressed, take a break and listen to the birds tweeting, the wind blowing, water lapping on the shore, the crickets cricketing all night long and the trees swaying.

Nice essay Anthony. A reflection that we’ve made little progress since the fqxi ‘Nature of Time’ essays. I’ve noticed few attempts to answer the questions so if I may I’ll offer a short one for your comments with some ‘thinking out loud’.; Q1.

The Change in Our Relationship with Nature over Time. The relationship between humans and nature has been interactive, chaotic, and complex. From a many human viewpoints, nature can be considered as both a source of everyday needs, and an adversary, a rather indefinite force which we interact with.

Good Essay Topics on Nature. the nature of time and the basis of time keeping as well as natural clocks. For example, we shall see that the often made statement that a .

Nature of time essay
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