How to write a 500 word article

So, the main point is just to write, of course, as mentioned before, and as always mentioned, the writing must be related to the topic or linking to the specific content about the topic. It appeals to small business people, professionals, coaches, or consultants who have a book or service to sell.

Some of us simply have too much to say. If you write over words, tighten your copy. Copy and paste your article into a Word document and then use the word-count editing tool.

Look over your article and remove any phrasing that does not absolutely have to be there.

How to Write a Short Article Under 500 Words

This is the part that is in between the intro and the conclusion. How will your article improve their lives or business? Your closing paragraph should be 2 to 4 sentences that motivate readers to take action and go to the next level.

My outline and headings for this article include the seven ways to write this article: After posting the article, there is still time to come back and to re-edit it. Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber uses the power of articles to create online opportunities for entrepreneurs who want more publicity, prospects and profits.

Write concise, compelling paragraphs that explain and give examples.

Dare to be outrageous! Write an outline with four to six major points you want to make before you write. It appeals to Web site publishers and opt-in no spam ezine publishers who want free articles to attract new customers.

Leave out stories or analogies. The resources for finding the content for writing are very broad. Break down each paragraph into three standard-length sentences words each. This little trick will cut your writing time in half.

Try to cut down your total word count by 10 percent. Instead, use vital, action verbs and colorful nouns.Whenever I tell my students that we are writing a word essay their first reaction is 'What on earth shall we do to have words!" But by the time I start breaking the process down, they realize it possible.

Article Writing Secrets: How to Write a Word Articles That Get Published More. By Eric Gruber in Featured. Translate. It’s easier said than done to write great word articles. Some of us simply have too much to say. 8 Tricks for Writing Word Articles That Get Published More Often.

1. Create an outline. How to Write a Short Article Under Words Online publishers, ezine subscribers, and Web visitors want short, useful information. Use this "Word Article Formula" to create trusting, confident, and lifelong clients and customers. You can find a professional writer that would charge you $ for a words article as well as you can end up finding a very talented person that.

But many people are completely lost when it comes to how to write even a basic article! So today I want to teach you the very basic foundation of how I learned to write, and how you can write a word article relatively easily. To write a word article for a blog about a topic I know takes about 30–40 minutes.

If I have to research the topic, it will take longer and the length varies, of course. If I have to research the topic, it will take longer and the length varies, of course.

How to write a 500 word article
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