Gcse english coursework the crucible

Miller shows the integrity of some characters, the greed and ambition of others, the motive of revenge. Putnam is the chief example here also.

She also wants her out of the way so that she can pursue her greedy desire for John Proctor. Putnam is clearly greedy and ambitious to be on the side of the most influential people in Salem.

In a private conversation with his wife about whether he should confess and save his life he says, "I think it is honest, I think so [to confess]. I am no saint. Miller has no tolerance of irrational fear or religious mysticism.

He could easily have ignored these facts and pursued his own ambition. His rational attitude to the world around him and his awareness that others are using the witch scare to pursue their own purposes is seen as part of this same honesty. He does not like concealing the truth about his affair with Abigail, but he does so in order to protect his wife from Salem scandal and gossip.

Proctor is the best example of integrity. This was where the first North European settlers in America came to live. He shows the fear of witches as something that is totally destructive.

Thomas Putnam wants revenge on Francis Nurse with whom he has quarrelled. He uses language that underlines his disgrace - "In the proper place - where my beasts are bedded. They are different to the majority and therefore they become ready targets for accusations.

Miller is very much dealing with the forces of good and evil in society. Let Rebecca go like a saint; for me it is a fraud.

Interestingly, most of them were running away from religious persecution in their European homes; they were looking for freedom and tolerance. Proctor is presented by Miller as an honest man without overwhelming personal ambition or vanity.

Those who are apparently genuinely frightened are the weakest members of the Salem community - Ann Putnam, the girls, the minor townspeople.English Coursework The Crucible How does Arthur Miller organise the first act to make it dramatically effective?

The Crucible is set in Salem in It is about a group of girls who are accused of witchcraft by the people of Salem, and they are put on trial for it. Posts about The Crucible written by kateeryan.

The Crucible GCSE Coursework

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Coursework. Twentieth century Drama coursework booklet. A comprehensive study pack. Essay focuses on John Proctor's confession. (AQA Syllabus A) /5(4).

The Crucible 4 Conflict This is a major theme, with the battle between villagers over land and status as important as that between the law/religious authority and individuals. The Crucible GCSE Coursework Essays: OverThe Crucible GCSE Coursework Essays, The Crucible GCSE Coursework Term Papers, The Crucible GCSE Coursework Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Gcse english coursework the crucible
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