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Animals in Sports and Entertainment

Dog and bird fights, races, zoos, circuses, and trained animals were among the most popular ways of entertainment in the ancient world.

Historical Perspective and Definition. I found rodeos to be the most sad because I never realized the extent to which cowboys and rodeo organizers abused the calves, bulls, steers, and horses involved in the shows. Watching a polar bear play with a ball does not teach humans about the true problems that exist for these Essays on animals in entertainment in the wild; although the zoo exhibits appear similar to natural environments, they will never provide a real view into what it is like to be an animal living in the wild.

The Use or Abuse of Animals for Entertainment Posted on by Colleen Tygh For my last Civic Issues post, I want to focus on the topic of my persuasive essay, the use of animals for entertainment, because I have become more and more passionate about the topic the Essays on animals in entertainment I have written about it.

After researching, I really do not think that they are. Animals in Entertainment and Zoos. Although people argue that most of these animals are born in captivity and therefore know no other way of life, this fact does not mean that the animals are necessarily happy.

Unlike the use of animals for science or agriculture, the use of animals for entertainment does not help save human or animal lives and really provides no benefit to society other than human amusement.

Animals instinctively desire social groups amongst their own species, space to roam and explore, and the opportunity to overcome challenges that they are presented with in the wild. Zoo supporters commonly argue that zoos are forums of conservation and education. They still remained one of the main capitals an individual and a society as a whole possessed, but yet another scope of their role appeared: Throughout my research, I developed lots of arguments and responses to counterarguments in regards to all three forums of entertainment.

These injuries range from broken limbs and ripped tendons to paralysis and even death. I hope my paper is effective in persuading its readers as well! In my essay, I focused on the mistreatment of animals in zoos, circuses, and rodeos, three of the most common forms of animal entertainment in the modern-day world.

However, as humankind progressed in terms of technology, social organization, and adjusting its environment according to its needs, the role of animals changed as well. They know that the audience measures the entertainment of the rodeo based on how rough the animals appear, so this measure gives them a strong incentive to do a good job of roughing the animals up before releasing them into the arena.

Along with poaching or cruel attitudes, using animals in sports and entertainment could not have been omitted by the attention of animal protectors. Even today, this attitude can be traced in many traditional and husbandry cultures around the world.

Zoos also do not educate. However, zoos often find that they cannot support a growing number of the species and instead ship the animals to other zoos or to game ranches, where people hunt and kill the animals as prizes.

Such animals were often treated as invaluable assistants, and even a gift or sometimes an incarnation of a divine presence; this attitude had found its manifestation in rock paintings, primitive art, myths and legends, and so on.

My research has persuaded me not to go to a zoo, attend a circus show, or watch a rodeo ever again. Though this tradition has an almost millennial history the first bullfight had been organized inin honor of the coronation of the Spanish king Alfonso VIII Coloquio.

The main arguments that animal defenders operate with are the following: Circuses and zoos are just as bad. Legal and regulatory systems were supplemented by the section of animal rights; ecology activists all over the world constantly monitor the situation with governments, NGOs, and private individuals keeping these rights.There also exist entertainment and sports activities involving animals that are extremely injurious (and even deadly) for them.

One of the brightest examples of such activities is the “corrida,” or bullfighting. Should the use of animals for human entertainment be banned? Discuss. Animals have been used for entertainment purposes in both the past and present. Advocates of their continual use state that the existence of educational value and specific breeding for the purposes of sporting activities they partake are valid arguments against the proposed.

Physically animals in entertainment have practically no chance to defend themselves. These animals have gotten so used to humans and doing tricks that they feel no need to inflict pain on others.

With no defense owners and trainers, recognize this, so when a certain animal does not perform to the trainer's expectations they are unfortunately /5(3).

The Use (or Abuse) of Animals for Entertainment

Animals in Entertainment Essay taking family trips to the circus, zoo, marine parks or rodeos. Seeing animals held captive for human amusement was part of life.

Animal theme parks are basically zoos; however, they are more into the entertainment aspect of the animals for the people, at the animals’ expense. Animal theme parks, such as Sea World, tend to show off the animals, ride the animal, and put them on display for the tourists’ entertainment.

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Essays on animals in entertainment
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