Essay on the brain drain

A general ongoing shortage of scientists and engineers further increases their international movement toward places and companies where they are most wanted and best rewarded. Brain Drain Essay Brain Drain Essay Brain drain is a popular term describing the international migration of highly skilled professionals.

Let every graduate realize that he has a duty towards the country that educated him and that his leaving the country in a lurch is nothing short of a treacherous betrayal.

We term it as a drain of the brains because, it is believed that, with the going out of these best brains we, as a country are at a loss as.

Systems for tracking the movement of skilled professionals are incomplete and inconsistent. LDCs generally do not have the ability to support growing industry and the need for better research facilities, career advancement, and salary increases.

Eastern Bloc emigration and defection and Eastern Bloc Bythe Soviet Union had issued restrictions making emigration of its citizens to other countries almost impossible. This is the highest rate of worker emigration since reunificationand was equal to the rate in the aftermath of World War II.

Thus the country which experiences the drain of skilled resources faces the getaway of financial capital also. It caught the headlines when Dr. More often than not, such advanced courses of training are designed to benefit the host country.

Brain drain for the nation from which the emigrants leave to settle into the nation that promises better work opportunities becomes brain gain for the latter.

It is they duty and responsibility of those privileged few to take them out of the morass, instead of jointing the mad rush for careerism. It is revived with afresh momentum when some Indian repatriate in another country achieves some distinction in his field of work.

Very often, this becomes the main deciding factor for the emigrant, with other factors acting as catalytic agents. Already before, a migration stream of Jewish people started which was characterized by highly skilled individuals. In addition, the majority of Israelis who emigrate eventually return after extended periods abroad.

One striking feature of this problem of Brain-drain is that it is a global phenomenon, affecting almost every country.

Inpeople started emigrating to the closest countries, Italy and Greece, and with the passing of years began going farther, to the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Human capital flight

After the peace treaty between the Persian and the Byzantine empires in guaranteed their personal security, some members of this group found sanctuary in the Pagan stronghold of Harrannear Edessa.

The Brain Drain Loss The country that experiences brain drain suffers a loss. The Russian government is still working to counter this with allocation of funds to new programs that encourage the return of scientists that left Russia and encourages future professionals to remain in Russia to work.

Henri Basnage de Beauval fled France and settled in the Netherlands, where he became an influential writer and historian. With all their expertise going out, we have to accept that India is at a loss but, we cannot really blame the people going out as, who does not want to improve standard of life?

Essay on Brain Drain

Some of them, after training and experiences in foreign countries, return home with individual drams and when they fail to fit in with the evolving patterns at home, despair drives them away again.

India, too, has been facing this problem and it is discussed from time to time in a rather casual and cursory manner. Measures taken to persuade our scientific and technical man power to return have not yielded results.

How could it drown us? Augustin Courtauld fled to England, settling in Essex and established a dynasty that founded the British silk industry.

Short Speech on “Brain Drain”

According to economist Michael Clemensit has not been shown that restrictions on high-skill emigration reduce shortages in the countries of origin.

While they continue to go out we, the Indians will have to continue being happy with the fact that they have at least become a force to reckon with, and they get a lot of name and fame.Brain drain is therefore a major concern for the international community, and there is a need to innovatively think about the way in which people’s aspiration toward mobility and migration can be reconciled with states’ right to development Five major issues will be explored: The ethics of brain drain: Brain drain is not only an economic.

Brain drain occurs most commonly when individuals leave less developed countries (LDCs) with fewer opportunities for career advancement, research, and academic employment and migrate to more developed countries (MDCs) with more opportunities.

The problem of Brain-drain, in our age, has become very elusive. The developing countries like India are desperately in need of talents, especially in the field of science and technology but for one reason or the other the talents and fleeing their countries, leaving their native lands impoverished in the process.

Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 17, By Nikhil Mehta Brain Drain: Brain Drain refers to the immigration of scientists, engineers, doctors and other technically qualified persons usually from an underdeveloped and undeveloped country to a more advanced or.

Brain Drain - One of the main efforts devoted by the authors is the design and collection of information but the first concern is the data. Brain drain is a global phenomenon affecting the developing nations. The disadvantage is seen as an economic cost as a part of the training and the education cost which is sponsored by the government is also taken away with their emigration.

Essay on the brain drain
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