Discuss key influences employment relations evaluate ways

Our report Power dynamics in work and employment relationships examines the complexities of power in the employment relationship and provides a firm basis from which to understand, assess and improve how employees can best shape their working lives. Thus, management must treat all employees as individuals and must treat them in a fair manner.

It means that Australian businesses have to produce products and services that can compete worldwide, and it is expected that more and more Australian businesses are likely to be doing business in other countries.

The state of the employment relationship The Workplace Employment Relations Study WERS found that, somewhat surprisingly, despite one-third of employees having had their wages frozen and their workload increase because of the recession, three-quarters of employees remained satisfied with their work.

New organizational behavior also has an impact on the employment relations; for instance, in businesses with a traditional pyramid structure, high-level managers are at top and workers are at the bottom with layers of middle managers in between.

Employee relations: an introduction

High levels of turnover caused by voluntary resignations can be an indication that employees are not satisfied with their working conditions or environment and that the employment relations at the business are not effective. A much wider set of competencies is now required, such as consultation, surveying and interpreting employee attitudes, spotting potential signs of conflict and early resolution of differences between employees and management.

Employee favoritism should be avoided. To do so, following points must be taken care of: The legal influences which consists of regulations and legislations, encourage the employers and employees to make direct agreement about the terms and conditions of employment that will apply at the workplace, and in this way, the power of unions are weakened as there are restrictions on union right of entry to workplaces and on the enforcement of union membership.

Employee Relations - Importance and Ways of Improving Employee Relations

In these kinds of structures, workers may have direct contact with the top management in the business. Employees who feel they can air grievances, and be heard, typically have higher morale.

Key examples of employment legislation affecting employee relations are the Employment Rights Act dealing with the circumstances in which employees can be fairly dismissed and the Equality Act dealing with discrimination and equal pay.

Get Access Discuss the key influences on employment relations Essay Sample Changes in society and legislation can somehow contribute to the influences on employment relations. These rights affect matters such as conciliation, mediation, and other forms of dispute and discipline handling.

However, our research report Real-life leaders: Instead, union representatives bargain for them. There is clearly a need for more organisations to provide better training for line managers in this area to improve the state of employment relations in organisations.

Employee relations competencies Effective communication in the workplace is central to good employee relations and includes focusing on positive behaviours and outcomes, taking a proactive, problem-solving approach, and recommending solutions.

Keep the employees well-informed. Despite the importance of strong and healthy employee relations, there are circumstances in the life of every organization when employee and management relations are hampered. All the above mentioned organizational factors influencing employees relation must be carefully tackled.

They should be fairly paid for their talents, skills and competencies. Company culture often dictates how employees are treated. Unions can be a source of employee empowerment, as union employees may feel as though they share a common goal. Managing the employment relationship rests heavily on the shoulders of line managers, but their competence in this area is, in general, seriously neglected with many employers failing to see employee relations and conflict management as a strategic issue.

The existence of social influences involve the increased number of people from a greater range of ethic backgrounds in the workforce, increased number of people juggling families and work, declined union membership and people becoming more focused on issue such as discrimination, unfair work practices.

Managers need technical as well as softer skills to be the effective people managers essential to a successful employment relationship.

Strategy formulation and planning tends to be a major focus within organisations, with insufficient emphasis on implementation and delivery. Collective relationships The collective dimension includes collective bargaining, information and consultation, arbitration and industrial action.

Thus, when the employees fail to meet management expectations in terms of standard performance and behaviour, it is referred to as indiscipline.Discuss the key influences on employment relations Essay Sample.

Changes in society and legislation can somehow contribute to the influences on employment relations. The government has always had a key impact on New Zealand ER and this has continued in the recent times – see chp. 3, 4 & 5. Society norms influence what is acceptable behaviour & rights in ER but each employment relations as being ‘integrated with and not separated from the political and economic spheres’.” (p.


Discuss the key influences on employment relations Essay Sample

Employee relations is the term used to define the relationship between employers and employees. We examine the concept and what it means to employers. CIPD viewpoint; What is employee relations? The state of the employment relationship; and other forms of dispute and discipline handling.

Key examples of employment legislation affecting. Employee relations generally deal with avoiding and resolving issues concerning individuals which might arise out of or influence the work scenario. Strong employee relation depends upon healthy and safe work environment, cent percent involvement and commitment of all employees, incentives for employee motivation, and effective communication.

It is the key point of reference for determining the nature and extent of employers™ rights and employment status is unclear and who are consequently outside the scope of the protection normally associated with an employment relationship. Inthe Director- (ii) appropriate ways in which such workers can be protected, and the.

Communication. Communication is a key factor influencing employee relations. Employees who feel they can air grievances, and be heard, typically have higher morale.

Discuss key influences employment relations evaluate ways
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