Argumentative essay the outsiders

The Outsiders is about a gang. When the socs talk to greasers, the reader can feel their aversion to them. The book was successful, and it was sold, and still being sold, in many copies as a young adults novel. As you can see, it goes straight to the point without any prologues or any kind of introduction.

I hope you would enjoy and learn something about the book from reading this analysis. In this part of the analysis I will give some information about the subjects of the book, and about the author. The things that Ponyboy and his brother did, I would never dream of doing.

He is a bit naive sometimes, like in page 45 when he tried to convince himself that the only difference between socs and greasers is that greasers like Elvis and do not like the Beatles and socs like the Beatles and do not like Elvis. The sky was lighter in the east, and the horizon was a thin golden line.

To conclude I can say that the plot development was simple and easy to understand and to follow.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” in The Outsiders Essay

This happens when Johnny gets hurt and he did not want to see his parents. Hire Writer This is one of the times Ponyboy acts brave instead of being speechless, and overcome with fear.

Here is an example for the hate the socs have to the greasers: A thing that reduced the realism of the story was the names of the people i e Ponyboy, Two-Bit, Sodapop.

There is always something big going on, such as when Johnny broke his back trying to rescue children from a burning church. They believe that Dally could have gone on with his life.

There is always something going on. I think the author put them there because the reader does not know the characters, and he needs to get familiar with them. An example for suspense is when the socs have tried to drown Ponyboy-there was uncertainty and I was anxious about what is going to happen next.

The way the plot develops is easy to follow and to understand-the writer does not make it too complex. Dally loses it, and runs out. My hair is longer than a lot of boys wear theirs, squared off in back and long at the front and sides, but I am a greaser and most of my neighborhood rarely bothers to get a haircut.

I busted the end of my bottle and held the neck and tossed away my cigarette. In this part of the book analysis I will give some more details about the plot development.

The central figure of the story is Ponyboy that is also the narrator. Dally risked jail time to help them, providing a gun, money, and a plan. The were two other reasons for why it was hard to relate to the book: The climaxes at the end of the story were the deaths of Johnny and Dally.

Essay: The Outsiders

One problem is how Ponyboy has to grow up without parents. There were no hooks or hurdles in the beginning of the book, the first sentence starts right away with the plot-without any forewords. Dally did not want Johnny to turn out like him. Ponyboy is now a better person, who looks into the future with optimism and tries to rise above poverty and gang life.

It really does show how these things can affect a family and friends. The author has created the personality of the characters through the descriptions of Ponyboy-the narrator-and through their actions.In our novel The Outsiders, Johnny Cade and Pony Boy find themselves in a gruesome fight in which a Soc named Bob is killed.

There are two sides to an argument, and in this case, some may feel Johnny is guilty of murder, while others believe he is innocent.

The Outsiders Essay – Describe an interesting theme from a text you have studied. Explain why this theme is interesting. In the novel “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton an important theme is family and friendship. In The Outsiders, the theme “Nothing Gold Can Stay” mentioned in the Robert Frost poem, plays a large role in the life of Ponyboy as he grows from being a naïve boy.

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Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze. The Ousiders Essay - Sodapop Curtis In S.E Hinton's novel, The Outsiders, there are many themes represented in the book, but one of the main themes is social ostracism, or the conflict between the economic classes.

- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton takes place in a small town in the southwestern part of the United States and it's about two groups of kids called the Socs (socials) who are the rich kids and the Greasers, who are the poor kids.

Argumentative essay the outsiders
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