Are iraq veterans being cheated on benefits

Learn more about Vets4Vets here, at www. But the process apparently is not always well understood. Depressed and suicidal after his release, he was admitted to Madigan for a week of treatment, then dismissed from the Army.

Whistleblowers: Veterans cheated out of benefits

The foundation provides transportation to the retreat, accommodations and meals, in addition to other amenities. Two-thirds of theapplicants have been waiting longer than the days that Shinseki set as a goal for processing claims. Many said they had not received prompt help for serious mental health issues.

At the end of the patrol, a Stryker vehicle that came to pick up Starks and his soldiers was destroyed by a bomb, killing one of his friends. Therefore, the war veterans must continue to fight, but this time they have to fight for their rights.

However, much more has to be done so that the veterans can have a fast and truthful conclusion about their cases, can finally stop combating, and are able to restart their lives.

Weekend workshops are provided to members for free to foster the discussion of personal experiences and hardships in a confidential setting.

Whistleblowers said that was illegal. Other veterans say they were discharged from military service with no information about the review process.

But his father, a Vietnam veteran who lives in Salem, Ore. Early in his tour, he was knocked unconscious by a controlled detonation that went awry.

He formally filed for disability in Oakland, California, in July A King County veterans program and a state program that offer PTSD counseling have patterned eligibility after the federal law and do not extend services to veterans who have an other-than-honorable discharge.

Meaning that, if they are not physically disabled most probably they are mentally incapable of working or living their lives in the same way as before the war. Beyond the scars and the physical damage, the great majority of the war veterans also developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

But a CBS News investigation has found widespread mismanagement of claims, resulting in veterans being denied the benefits they earned, and many even dying before they get an answer from the VA, reports CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews.

But whether the veteran was dead or still alive, brown said VA supervisors in Oakland ordered her team to mark the claims "no action necessary" and to toss them aside.

Injured Iraq war veterans sue VA over delays in care

With the war in Iraq over and the one in Afghanistan winding down, the VA is sorting through a backlog of more thandisability claims from American veterans. More than 2, veterans have utilized Vets4Vets services over the years, and there are groups across the nation that hold weekly meet-ups.

Some veterans with other-than-honorable discharges said they were never informed of the review process when they initially showed up at VA hospitals.

On average, the VA said veterans wait more than eight months -- days -- before their claim is resolved. At 51, he said that makes him feel ashamed. Since leaving the Army, Starks has been living with his father in Salem, and plans to enter community college in the fall to study psychology.

Grabski was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, which he said has increased his irritability and affects his concentration. Finally in April, he came to the base for another medical examination he hoped would get his retirement back on track.

She said she thinks the VA made its ruling based on outdated medical information from last year. It was also revealed that veterans are being tortured in order to declare that they suffer from personality disorder, which is a pre-existent circumstance and do not count as war consequence.

Iraq War Veterans Iraq War Veterans Iraq-era war veterans face a set of challenges similar to their predecessors when they return home. Homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness are all issues facing veterans struggling to regain a sense of normalcy after discharge. The veteran, who requested anonymity, says she had gone AWOL after being raped, and had hoped to access a VA sexual-trauma program and hospital services.

Tiffany Chapman, a former Army prosecutor, argues that Congress should overhaul a federal law that authorizes the VA to determine whether veterans without honorable discharges are eligible for benefits.

Unfortunately, this is not happening.

Iraq War Veterans: Are They Being Cheated On Medical Benefits?

Both he and Maggie wrote numerous letters seeking help, including one to first lady Michelle Obama, with a copy sent to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. Vets4Vets Established to assist Iraq and Afghanistan veterans cope with the psychological trauma of war, Vets4Vets is a non-partisan organization that utilizes support systems to reach its goals.

IAVA focuses on community, assistance, advocacy and awareness and supports relevant legislation on both the federal and local levels. He served two combat tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq with the rd Airborne Brigade, earning two Bronze Star medals.

The VA also offers resources for finding family support and vet centers, which can help with the readjustment process. The VA said in a statement, ". Veterans may also apply for free one-time dental care within days after their separation date from active duty. This is based on the laws and regulations.

One Marine veteran who had been stationed at Parris Island, S. The medicine is constantly improving and this benefits the ones that are in the battlefields.Troubled veterans left without health-care benefits Other records documented his tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, where his bravery fighting the Taliban was recognized with a Bronze Star.

Dec 28,  · Iraq And Afghanistan War Veterans Aren't Using VA Benefits, Study Concludes Since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars began, only 51 percent of eligible veterans have sought care through the VA, a.

Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

Frustrated by delays in health care, injured Iraq war veterans accused VA Secretary Jim Nicholson in a lawsuit of breaking the law by denying. Iraq War Exposures. ) Iraq War Veterans may have been exposed to a range of environmental and chemical hazards that carried potential health risks.

Join the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry and the Gulf War Registry to document your exposures and health concerns Veterans Benefits Administration; National. Whistleblowers: Veterans cheated out of benefits. Share; Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email resulting in veterans being denied the benefits they earned, and many even dying before they get an answer.

Veterans Health Administration. Health Benefits. Health Benefits Home; Apply for VA Care. Apply Online; You can receive cost free medical care for any condition related to your service in the Iraq/Afghanistan theatre.

Going Back to School — VA pays benefits to eligible Veterans.

Are iraq veterans being cheated on benefits
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