An examination of an ad depicting a glossy blue guitar with an american flag in the background

If You See an American Flag With a Blue Stripe Through it, Here's the Harrowing Reason Behind it

The display in your first image is correct, respectful, proper, and tasteful. The stars are arranged diagonally in imitation of the Cross of St. The 13 folds are simply a function of the dimensions of the flag. These items were found among other items of brass waste and it is concluded they were made on site.

A technical analysis of the data given below reveals some interesting facts. Original at Yale University. Number of points indeterminate.

Extends about two-thirds of the way down the flag. Also included in this illustration is an American pennant. Due to small scale, stars are multi-pointed probably greater than 5 but indistinct. However, ignoring any conjecture and considering only the physical evidence of 14 stripes and 13 stars, one cannot escape the equally likely possibility that the flag was only what it appears today, with a 14th stripe added for Vermont which was admitted in but before Kentucky was admitted in Original owned by William Appleton Aiken.

The original is a monochrome engraved print. Design consists of a grouping of four US Flags. Tradition has it that the colors are derived from the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom.

Tis better to acknowledge our great nation than to ignore it. This flag is very unusually long and narrow with a very long canton. What does the blue mean in the American flag? This watercolor sketch is the earliest showing a stars and stripes flag of at least five versions of this scene painted by Trumbull.

It was adopted in but may have been in the design stage earlier. The only time that there has been a different number of stripes was when we went to 15 stars.

Several artists were working on historical paintings by who presented specific views of the first flag, particularly depicting use during the Revolutionary War however improbable.

He used the British colors and added stripes. B, extends to the 7th stripe. This chart was purchased separately from the encyclopedia it purports to come from.

Old grunge vintage faded American US flag

Only two show Even today, you can purchase a brand new copy and, keeping with the tradition of the original flag, it is available in several different specifications. Again, the star points are a mixed bag, although the majority of them seem to be five-pointed. Considering only the American sources, no source shows the stars arranged in until after the Revolutionary War.

Field of solid red with stars and stripes canton.This certificate of achievement has a patriotic design, with an American flag waving in the background. Free to download and print. Grunge American flag badges Icon Modern American Flag with a grunge texture effect This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.

Photo about Vintage retro four strings bass guitar close up on an american flag background. Image of modern, modified, focus - Vintage Bass Guitar On American Flag Background Stock Photo - Image of modern, modified: The Blue represents the officer and the courage they find deep inside when faced with insurmountable odds.

The Black background was designed as a constant reminder of Founded: Sep 09, Apr 16,  · Obama Removes American Flag from His Plane. the pictures displayed above were circulated with the claim that emblems depicting the U.S.

flag. This is the flag of Scotland. A flag with a white Nordic cross is Shetland. A flag with a white diagonal cross is the St. Andrew cross of Scotland.

An examination of an ad depicting a glossy blue guitar with an american flag in the background
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