An analysis of the methods of objective test construction

Make wrong answers more attractive by wording items in such a way that they are not obviously wrong. Good items take time and thought to construct 2. A well designed aptitude test will contain items which measure the entire cross-section of critical incidents.

For instance, in the example below, which item is more difficult? Keep statements short in length and unambiguous. There are, of course, other language skills that cross-cut these four skills, such as vocabulary. How many choices appear is partially dependent on the ease of generating high quality distractors 6.

When all items are extremely easy, most test scores will be extremely high.

Test construction strategies

These analyses evaluate the quality of items and of the test as a whole. One cannot determine which item is more difficult simply by reading the questions.

The deductive method begins by developing a theory for the construct of interest. Journal of Clinical Psychology. Try to make answer choices equal in length and complexity.

Often, sometimes, and usually commonly indicate a true statement Guidelines for constructing good True-False statements: On Opinion statements, cite the source of the opinion.

The answer to this question is partially dependent upon the Educational Objectives you want to include in the test. The Five Factor Model of personality was developed using this method.

You compile a list of incorrect answers for each question, and use the most popular most frequent Incorrect answer as your distracter choices When you reassemble the exam. The key to constructing a high quality multiple choice question is to have good, plausible distractors.

Place as much of the item is the stem as possible. Another implication of a p value is that the difficulty is a characteristic of both the item and the sample taking the test.

If the answer choices have a natural order, arrange them in that fashion. Disadvantages of Essay Tests Subjectivity in grading means it is possible for two people evaluating the same essay to calculate different grades.

Objective Measurement of Subjective Phenomena

Where you must get the correct answer to a preceding question in order to get the right answer to the current question. Arrange the premise and response options in a clear logical column format, with question stem on left hand side and to be matched items on the right.

The Tested Response Behavior Items can also assess different types of response behavior. Demonstrate your comprehension of the following words by using them together in a written paragraph: Avoid the use of negatives, and in particular, double negatives.

Combining various elements or parts into a structural whole. After this, items are created that are believed to measure each facet of the construct of interest. The answer to this depends upon the cognitive objectives being assessed.

Ambiguous and tricky options should be avoided. These tools include item difficulty, item discrimination, and item distractors.Part One contains information concerning general test construction and introduces the six levels of intellectual understanding: knowl- edge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evalua.

o Ethical Issues in Test Construction, Selection, Administration, and Interpretation Course Requirements A. Attendance and Participation: Students expecting to receive course credit will need to attend all (or.

THEORIES OF PERSONALITY CHAPTER 5. STUDY. PLAY. -The quality of information you get from a factor analysis is limited by the quality of the items you put into it. Which answer below is NOT one of the basic methods commonly used for objective-test construction?

The. Guidelines for Test Design and Construction. Should the test be Objective (multiple choice, true false) or Subjective (essay tests) in nature. The answer to this depends upon the cognitive objectives being assessed.

Some tests may have a combination of objective and subjective methods. Sieve Analysis Test. Testing objectives: distribution curves is used in the design of filters for earth dams and to determine suitability of soil for road construction, air field etc.

Information obtained from grain size analysis can be used to predict soil water movement although. Objective Measurement of Subjective Phenomena 5. Items, Levels of Measurement, and Methods of Scale Construction Item Scores and Test Scores.

An analysis of the methods of objective test construction
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